InSight Case Study: Squared (formerly Luton Community Housing)

Using evidence based support

Much of the focus for Squared (formerly Luton Community Housing) over the past two years of using InSight has been on fraud and financial campaigns, through which they could support tenants in financial difficulty. 


Luton Community Housing covers the key town in Bedfordshire and has been on a growth and development phase for several years. Re-branding to Squared in late 2019 as part of their overall strategy, they focus on strong partnerships and smart thinking to ensure they can provide the best services and support to their customers.

At a glance

2018/19 performance

Stock: 733 homes

Turnover: £5.7m

Re-investment: 0%

New homes: 27

Arrears: 0.4%

Needs analysis

At the start of 2018, Squared started using TAIM InSight, our income protection solution, in order to develop a better knowledge of their tenants. A lack of detailed information about their tenants was proving a challenge and so their hope was that InSight would enable them to target the necessary areas to work on with their tenants, identify areas in need of special attention, and support them in better tailoring their services for tenants.

Squared also needed a system that would help them to identify any potential fraud cases, ensuring their housing stock could be better used by those most in need.


Supporting tenants begins for Squared even before a tenancy begins. Using our TAIM SafeStart solution, new Squared tenants are now run through Pre-Tenancy Financial Assessments, in order to verify the information given and ensure that the offer of a tenancy is a viable option for both Squared and the tenant concerned. SafeStart enables Squared to implement sustainable tenancies from the outset and means tenants are more likely to be able to complete first-year tenancies and beyond.

Results and outcomes

Much of the focus for Squared over the past year of using TAIM has been on fraud and financial campaigns, through which they could support tenants in financial difficulty.

InSight has also formed the base for portfolio plans for their three Customer Relationship Managers, enabling them to better understand each tenant’s situation and support them in their day to day duties. Noting other areas of support, Susanne Bellamy from Squared, tells us:

“InSight has helped us to highlight many issues with our tenants, with our main work around financial distress, to work with those tenants who are suffering financial difficulty and provide guidance. Arrears have reduced following a financial support campaign driven by InSight. It has also helped Squared to identify at least one case of fraud, which has led to us recovering a four-bed property and re-housing a family in need; a socially positive win.”

Squared now have their sights set on using InSight to support the roll-out of Universal Credit; at the start of 2018, their area became a full Universal Credit area and Squared have been acutely aware of some of the complications that can arise for tenants and their tenancies.

Their intention is to continue to use InSight to monitor financial distress, in order to work more closely with those tenants most likely to struggle, as well as using our TAIM PayBack Former Tenant Debt tracing tool to implement a benefit in arrears collection. On the other end of the scale, Squared plans to use InSight to target tenants who could be on Direct Debit and to encourage them to sign up.

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